Look Back Murder One Masterclasses 2021

For crime writers everywhere we’ve created a series of masterclasses for you to hone your writing skills and kick start your Work in Progress.

Please note that while all our Masterclasses run on a Saturday, the START TIMES VARY, so please make a note! Eventbrite will automatically send out a reminder link prior to the event but do put it in your diary! Find out more about our authors here.

Masterclasses Quick links (see below for full details)

The Murder One Masterclasses are €25 each per person plus booking fees and numbers are limited so don’t leave your booking to chance!

Creating Compelling Characters  with Sam Blake, Olivia Kiernan and Andrea Mara.  Sat 6th Nov 2pm-4pm

Killer Opening Chapters with William Ryan, Nadine Matheson and Femi Kayode. Sat 13th Nov 10.30am-12.30pm

How to Write a Bestselling Crime Novel with Sophie Hannah Sat 20th Nov 10am -12.00

Murder One Masterclass: On the Editor’s Desk with William Ryan, Stefanie Bierweth (Quercus Books) and Sarah Hodgson (Corvus Atlantic) Sat 27th Nov 10.30am-12.30pm

Murder One Masterclass: Creating Compelling Characters

€25 plus booking fees.

Saturday 6th November 2pm-4pm Book HERE

While plot is vital in crime writing, characters are the lifeblood of great fiction. If you want your reader to remember your book long after they put it down, you need to create compelling characters that resonate with them. Whether you are creating serial or standalone characters, Sam Blake reveals her process and cross examines her expert witnesses bestselling authors Olivia Kiernan and Andrea Mara on theirs.Find out how to create a character that will captivate an agent and how to build your readership from book to book with characters readers’ cannot forget!

Murder One Masterclass: Killer Opening Chapters

€25 plus booking fees

Saturday 13th November 10.30am-12.30pm Book HERE

The first 3 chapters of your book are crucial to get right, not only to hook an agent or editor, but to hook your reader – how do you make them the best that they can be? William Ryan will explain the essential ingredients to create a killer opening and is joined by critically acclaimed debut authors Nadine Matheson and Femi Kayode to explain how they did it.


Murder One Masterclass: How to Write a Bestselling Crime Novel with Sophie Hannah

€25 plus booking fees

Saturday 20th November 10am -12.00 Book HERE

Sophie Hannah will take you through her top tips for getting the correct mindset for writing a bestelling crime novel, teaching participants:

  • how to massively increase your chances of success
  • how to change incorrect, unhelpful and limiting beliefs
  • how to avoid unnecessary suffering
  • how to thrive in the face of the psychological and emotional challenges that life as a writer brings with it
  • how to start and finish the best possible book you can write, and how to use Sophie’s amazing Literary Diagnostics method (which is very different from editing), to take your writing to the next level.


Murder One Masterclass: On the Editor’s Desk

€25 plus booking fees

Saturday 27th November 10.30am-12.30pm Book HERE

Find out what two of London’s top editors are looking for in crime fiction! William Ryan outlines what you need to know to submit to succesfully submit to agents, what goes into your covering letter and how to write a synopsis. Joined by the Editoral Directors of Quercus and Corvus, William has successfully assisted numerous authors to publication – this is a must do masterclass for anyone looking to submit, both William and the editors are ready to answer your questions!

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