Lynda La Plante’s CSI Murder Room (Free Workshop)

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The Boys School, Smock Alley Theatre

Sat 3rd November 10.30am – Sunday 4th November 4.40pm

Free but booking essential 

A unique workshop for anyone interested in the world of forensics or Crime Scene Investigation, this interactive event is brought to you by international bestselling author Lynda La Plante and hosted by Think Forensic whose experts include CSI’s, forensic scientists, and senior investigating officers.

Each workshop lasts 45 minutes and gives you a hands on introduction to forensic science during which you will be briefed on the crime of the day, and help the team solve it.

Using real life techniques you will examine evidence including:

  • Developing and lifting fingerprints
  • Casting and lifting footwear marks electronically
  • Analysing blood spatter
  • Identifying/matching hair and fibres under the microscope
  • Compiling E fits

Can you go the full Murder Mile and identify the Prime Suspect with Lynda La Plante?

Lynda La Plante was born in Liverpool. She trained for the stage at RADA and worked with the National Theatre and RDC before becoming a television actress. She then turned to writing – and made her breakthrough with the phenomenally successful TV series WIDOWS, that has been adapted for film this year. Directed by Steve McQueen from a screenplay by McQueen and Gillian Flynn WIDOWS features Colin Farrell, Robert Duvall and Liam Neeson, and is released by 20th Century Fox on November 16 2018.

In her latest book, Murder Mile, Prime Suspect meets Ashes to Ashes as we see Jane Tennison starting out on her police career .

The fourth in the bestselling Jane Tennison series, Murder Mile  is set at the height of the ‘Winter of Discontent’ in February 1979. Can Jane Tennison uncover a serial killer?

Economic chaos has led to widespread strikes across Britain. Jane Tennison, now a Detective Sergeant, has been posted to Peckham Criminal Investigation Department, one of London’s toughest areas. As the rubbish on the streets begins to pile up, so does the murder count: two bodies in as many days. There are no suspects and the manner of death is different in each case. The only link between the two victims is the location of the bodies, found within a short distance of each other near Rye Lane in Peckham. Three days later another murder occurs in the same area. Press headlines scream that a serial killer is loose on ‘Murder Mile’ and that police incompetence is hampering the investigation. Jane is under immense pressure to catch the killer before they strike again. Working long hours with little sleep, what she uncovers leaves her doubting her own mind.


Each workshop lasts 45 minutes and will run at the following times:

 SATURDAY                                                        SUNDAY

10.30am                                                             10.30am

11.30am                                                              11.30am

12.30pm                                                            12.30pm

1.30pm                                                               1.30pm

2.30pm                                                              2.30pm

3.30pm                                                              3.30pm

4.30pm                                                              4.30pm


It is essential you arrive 10 minutes before the workshop begins. Due to the popularity of this event, if you do not appear, your place will be reallocated on a first come first served basis.

Hear all about Lynda’s new book Murder Mile when she chats to Niamh O’Connor on Saturday evening at 7pm in Smock Alley’s Main Space. BOOK HERE